Are you feeling creatively stuck?

The creative pursuit is a journey of trial and error, it's full of ups and downs, it's a constant flip between big wins and soul destroying set backs...


💥 One day you are motivated, committed to your goals. Yet on other days, you feel deflated and struggle with the most basic of tasks.

💥 Perhaps your confidence also ebbs and flows. A big win can give you the boost you need, but a rejection can kill your productivity for days on end.

💥 Not only that, but you find yourself isolated from any form of professional community. You work alone with limited opportunity to bounce ideas, celebrate wins and safely gain the feedback and insight of others in your field.


For many creatives, a lack of clarity, confidence and community is preventing them from reaching their full potential. Despite your ambitious nature, your daily battle to advance your creative work.

Don't worry, I've got your back.

Your Plan For Creative Growth

If you are anything like me, you want to be at the top of your game. You want the same opportunities of those you look up to, deliver at the same standard of creativity & have an audience that engages in all that you bring.

The challenge for you is that a lack of clarity and confidence gets in the way. It stops you from being focused, stepping out of your comfort zone, and believing that the best days are ahead.

You are willing to put the work in. You are certainly not short of passion and enthusiasm for your art. You just need some support in figuring out the next steps.

The answer lies in having a daily framework for your tasks and a supportive community that equip and encourage you in moving forward.

Without these pillars of creative growth, the frustration, dissatisfaction and sense of being stuck will remain. Ultimately, this will likely result in decreased motivation, meaning your ambitious goals will slip away.

You deserve more than that, and it's totally within your reach, when you join the Focused Creative Community.

A Framework For Daily Wins

If you struggle with productivity, motivation and consistency in your working day - yet desperately want to make traction on your most ambitious goals, then this is for you.




✔️ Get focused on the tasks that will drive you forward, making daily progress on what really matters.


✔️ Capture those brilliant but inconveniently-timed ideas, ready to action when the time is right


✔️ Maximise your productivity and goal setting hacks, with five short but mighty tutorial videos.


✔️ Take care of your well-being, with gratitude, physical health, personal growth and celebration of daily wins, all built into the design.



🛑 Wait! There's more! You'll also receive:

✔️ Tutorials in Goal Setting & productivity

✔️ An invitation to join the Focused Creative Community Zoom call for a one off, taster session, to plan your week with like-minded people.





Here's What Others Say...

'My biggest challenge has always been procrastination and trying to focus on a few tasks.

This framework helped me decide the important tasks for the following day. By having to write a plan, it quickly gets rid of the non-essential items.

The difference has been, that even though I plan to do less, because I have the ideas down on paper, I actually get to tick them off. I can see real improvement, even during Coronavirus!'

Colin Dymond, colindymond.com

Trying to achieve so much in my working day, whilst having some form of work life balance caused me so much stress.

The framework and coaching call enabled me to plan my time better and have a definite cut off point. I am now able to plan my days in confidence, knowing that I will be able to achieve the tasks that are most efficient for me to progress in my career.

Since putting it in to practise, I have found myself less stressed and more in control. I am ending the day proud of all I have achieved.

'I always struggled with managing my time and achieving tasks.

Using this framework helped me prioritise and set achievable long term and short term goals.

It's made a huge difference and I'm on track to achieve everything I want out of life.'

Chris Watkins, Chris Watkins Media

'I always feel more positive, more aligned and definitely more sure of what I'm doing with my week, when we have finished the community calls'

Poppy Royana, Audio Book Narrator


'I found structuring my day difficult.

Coaching from Tom and the Focused Creative Framework helped to get me back on track with a fresh look at my goals and how to approach them.

I now feel more in control of my day and ready to move forward with confidence.'

Dan Metcalf - Aspiring Content Creator

Chief Champion of Creative's

PS. No, I'm not the kid from 'Home Alone'

As a self employed Comedian & Magician, I soon realised I had to balance the tricks of my show, with tricks of the trade!

Taking the entrepunerial approach to fulfil my dream, I spent hundreds of pounds seeking to become productive and learn the art of Goal Achievement. Having tried everything, I eventually found my own methodology that worked.

Described by Miranda Hart as ‘Such Fun’, I've since crafted a full time career, touring across the UK. I worked hard to create my own opportunities including appearances on BBC TV & Radio, a feature piece in the Times Newspaper and have been listed amongst the top 30 'aged 30 or under, stars of Gloucestershire Business.' I've raised almost £10,000 in crowdfunding support, whilst also co-founding my own regular variety night in Doncaster.

In time, the methodology that I created became the Focused Creative signature framework, that has fast tracked the ambitious growth of my work and others.

The Path To Creative Success...

Clear about your goals & tasks

Stephen Covey is famous for saying, 'Begin with the end in mind'. As you join the Focused Creative Community, we'll help you get clear on your end goal. Once this is established, we'll help you form an action plan that drives you forward.

Confidence in your skillset

A lack of confidence affects the ability to promote your work well, charge a fair price and connect with the gatekeepers of the opportunities you want. We'll encourage you forward and gently push you out of your comfort zone in order to see you thrive.

A supportive community

With the support of your Focused Creative Community, you can be confident in sharing ideas, asking for help, seeking out connections and even finding opportunities!

Why Join The Focused Creative Community?

(Total Value of £3640)

🎉 Access To Weekly Community Calls to help you get organised and intentional for the week ahead. Not only that, but as you connect with a fun and friendly community, you'll find yourself gaining opportunities, ideas and connections you didn't have before (worth £995/y).

🎉 Access To the weekly 'Power Hour' where we simply check in on zoom, set ourselves a specific task to complete within 60 minutes, and briefly regather to celebrate the win. Accountability & Motivation at it's best (worth £800/y)

🎉 Ongoing Accountability & Support through our private community slack channel. Stay motivated as you discover this supportive community of which you can now belong. Knowing, and being known by other creatives, who input ideas and celebrate your wins, is a huge asset to your creative pursuit (worth £250/y).

🎉 Lifetime Access to a growing library of resources that increase your productivity, enable creative growth and ultimately serve to increase your opportunities and revenue. (worth £395/y)

🎉 Live-streamed Interviews with Creative Professionals who help you to become the best you can be in your creative expression (worth £1200/y)


Extra Benefits

🎉 Premium Membership includes the added bonus of direct voxer access for 1-1 support (worth £468/y)

🎉 Advanced Membership includes voxer access, plus a quarterly coaching call with Tom & one of his advisory team (worth £2468/y)

Here's the truth:

A lack of focus is costing you money.

It's restricting your huge potential.

Yet the creative industry can be pretty lonely at times.

But you don't have to do this alone.

Come join the Focused Creative Community and have the guidance, accountability, support and community to cheer you on.

Stop playing the guessing game. Stop feeling unsatisfied and stressed.

Instead, move forward, on a daily basis, towards achieving your greatest ambition.

What's My Investment?


Start Up Creative

Let's make some traction and build a profile

Find the clarity, confidence and community you need to thrive in your creative pursuit. Join us each Monday on our community call, whilst also gaining access to our growing library of resources to equip you for creative growth.


Emerging Creative - RECOMMENDED

Additional Benefits Include; Hardback 90 Day Planner + Monthly Voxer Support + Annual 121 Coaching Call

In addition to the standard plan, as a premium member, you will also gain a hardback 90 day planner in the post each quarter, PLUS access to a monthly day of Voxer support with Tom, enabling you the opportunity to work through any obstacles or challenges you are facing, pushing you further towards your end goal.